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We help you say what you need to say, when and where it counts the most. From crafting media scripts and news releases to preparing for on-camera interviews and off-script improvisation, you'll be ready to catch anything the media throws at you—and ready to connect when your story needs to be told.


You have a story to tell. 

We help you tell it.

Our customized media training workshops include...


Media Literacy - learn the differences between print, radio, tv, and online media, and how your message can connect with each.

What journalists need - newsworthiness, deadlines and more.

Situation management - emergencies, proactive vs. reactive responses, and documentary/expert interviews.

Earned media - getting your voice heard and your story told.

Social media - how to engage audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond.

Choosing a spokesperson for your organization - and preparing every person to speak.

Preparing for interviews - know and stay on message in front of cameras, microphones and crowds. 

On-camera basics - hands-on practice and video review/critique.

Content creation - Make your own print and digital media—we can teach you how to use the latest tools to tell your own story, on your own schedule.

Media training workshops

We offer customized half-day, full day, and multi-day media training workshops. 
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